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Texas Drop-Off Voters

Survey of Texas drop-off voters

Texas Likely Voters

2014 Pre-election likely voter attitudes

UT/TT Statewide Poll October 2014

Survey of registered voters pre-midterm election

Survey of Latino Likely Voters in Texas

The survey follows several studies in recent years that have debunked the myth that the Latino electorate is more socially conservative on abortion than others. One of the main research questions for this survey is whether Latino voters in Texas hold different or similar values and perspectives as Latino registered voters nationwide.

2014 Texas Lyceum Poll - Day 2 (Elections)

The Texas Lyceum found that among registered voters, Democratic State Senator Wendy Davis has closed the gap to six points against her opponent, Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott. The Lyceum also ran a regression analysis to project a margin for likely voters, which suggested a 9-point difference between Davis and Abbott. The poll looks at these and other election-based races in the 2014 statewide elections.

Voting Rights Act Poll

The Voting Rights Act (VRA) has protected voters from discrimination for nearly 50 years. Last year, the Supreme Court in Shelby County v. Holder weakened those protections by striking down a key section of the VRA. Recent polling reveals that voters strongly support the VRA and oppose the changes made to it. The polling also shows that voters favor restoring the VRA.

2014 Texas Lyceum Poll - Day 1 (Issues)

Executive Summary of Texans’ Attitudes on Immigration, Abortion, and Health Care

Texas Telephone Poll: Stockman Gaining Against Cornyn In Primary Battle

Steve Stockman received a 28% approval rating, with 55% reporting that they were unsure. Cornyn received a 49% approval rating, with only 24% reporting that they were unsure. Those who identified as very conservative were more likely to vote for Cornyn than Stockman.

Political Poll CD4 – Texas Runoff Congressman Ralph Hall Leads Former U.S. Attorney John Ratcliffe

Ralph Hall had a 51% approval rating for the 4th District Congressional seat, with 46% saying they would vote for Hall over his opponent, Ratcliffe. 64% identified as Republicans. Only 15% said that the federal government should approve firearm transactions before they are completed.

Texas 4th Congressional District Survey

This poll shows Ratcliffe up 12 points over the incumbent Ralph Hall for the 4th District's congressional seat.