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PPP Statewide Poll April 2014

This statewide poll by PPP found that State Senator Wendy Davis is trailing Attorney General Greg Abbott in their race for Governor. The poll also looked at all other statewide races that are expected to be on the 2014 ballot in the general election.

Cornyn at risk with Republicans next year

This poll collected information in November 2014 to see what voter opinions were of John Cornyn in comparison to potential rivals. 62% of GOP voters were recorded as having a higher opinion of Ted Cruz than John Cornyn.

Mixed news for Ted Cruz in new Texas numbers

From Public Policy Polling, this poll shows Ted Cruz's favorability against other political figures who are considered potential runners for the 2016 presidential election. While Cruz does have support in Texas, 50% of Texans polled thought that Cruz has been bad for the state's reputation.