Saatvik is back! And we welcome Progress Texas Development Associate Brett Isaacs to the Happy Hour for the first time as well. As the whole country watches, Governor Greg Abbott's ban on masking mandates - and the Texas Supreme Court's support of his orders - have met a wall of opposition by Texas families and urban school districts. Turns out, treating children as political pawns isn't especially appealing to most Texans - listen for a way to help Progress Texas fight back. Plus, new U.S. Census data shows an ever greater increase in diversity across America and Texas, which is important to note as redistricting approaches, and good reason for Democratic strategists to renew their efforts to connect with this growing range of Texas voters effectively. And finally, the fall of Afghanistan is bringing refugees to our shores, many of whom are seeking safety in our state - listen to find out how you can help make them welcome.

Over 300 Afghans are coming to Texas and it's beautiful to see. Volunteer: