Earlier in March, we participated in the annual Unified Jam - a political discussion and gathering event hosted by the progressive organizing social media network Unified - in the midst of Spring festival season in Austin. In this first of two panel sessions we're presenting in podcast form, introduced by Unified CEO Shion Deysarkar and moderated by our own Chris Mosser, we meet three young Texas women who've been in the thick of running for office in 2024, and they openly shared the many ups, and difficult but manageable downs, of navigating the campaign trail in Texas. Molly Cook is in the May runoff election for the Texas State Senate seat vacated by new Houston Mayor John Whitmire, Ashika Ganguly is a candidate for Austin City Council District 10, seeking to replace the term-limited Alison Alter, and Angel Carroll, while coming up short in her primary for House District 52, is in it for the long haul and will certainly be on a ballot near you in coming years. A great and inspiring conversation for YOU, if you've thought about running for something - let's do it!

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