The horror stories that were predicted by Texas Democrats - and ignored by Texas Republicans - have become reality. A growing number of Texas women have been left at death's doorstep as doctors in our state shy away from the threat of punishment for administering lifesaving medical care related to pregnancy. The first lawsuit representing plaintiffs who have been denied essential care due to Texas' cruel and vaguely-written new laws regarding abortion has been filed. Joining us this week to celebrate the brave plaintiffs, discuss the case, and evaluate what the future holds for the ongoing fight for reproductive freedom in Texas are former State Senator and abortion rights icon Wendy Davis - now Senior Advisor for Planned Parenthood Texas Votes - and Austin Kaplan, an Austin-based attorney and progressive activist, who is working on behalf of the plaintiffs. A heartbreaking listen this time, but one that needs to be heard - we cannot give up on the essential personal rights of Texans.

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