Who's ready to VOTE? We sure are - and with early voting starting Monday, with tons on the line - key funding for Texas' retired teachers and state parks, a big oil money grab to block, major races in Houston and elsewhere across Texas - we figured it was a great time to host a guest episode of Pod Bless Texas, hosted by our pal and fresh-faced groom Kendall Scuddar, and featuring our own Executive Director Kathleen Thompson. K & K talk all about the 14 amendments and (generally) agree on which way Texas progressives should vote in each one - of course, all of this is up to YOU - the main thing is to show up!

Find our voting guide at ⁠https://progresstexas.org/2023-texas-statewide-ballot-guide⁠.

Learn all about voting in Texas at ⁠https://govotetexas.org/⁠.

Find Pod Bless Texas at ⁠https://www.podblesstexas.com/⁠.

Enjoy the weekend and see you at the polls!