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Special Session of the Texas Legislature

Special Session of the Texas Legislature

Governor Greg Abbott called Texas lawmakers back to Austin for a special legislative session. We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about what they did and didn't do to go after the rights and lives of Texans.

Women’s Reproductive Rights Thrown Under Bus (Again) in Gov. Abbott’s Special Session

August 16, 2017
In a legislature still dominated by men, women's rights got steamrolled. Three of the 12 bills passed during the special legislative session involve restricting Texas women’s right to access abortion.

Texas Lawmakers Denounce White Supremacy Rally

August 14, 2017

Texas lawmakers - led by State Representative Helen Giddings (D- DeSoto) – denounced racism and terrorism in Charlottesville and called on Texas A&M University to block a white supremacist rally planned for September 11.


Lawmaker Regulates Uteruses, Unsure if He Can Have Hysterectomy

August 11, 2017

This man is the author of Texas' latest abortion restriction. 

Texas Politicians Pass Cruel Bill Effectively Banning Insurance Coverage of Abortion

August 10, 2017
The ban will force women to buy separate, more expensive, coverage. And it passed. But not without a fight lead by progressive women lawmakers.

Texas Women Lawmakers Fight Back Against Latest Anti-Abortion Bill

August 10, 2017

Texas anti-abortion politicians passed a bill banning all insurance plans in Texas from covering abortion, forcing women to buy separate, more expensive, coverage or to pay out of pocket. But not without a fight lead by progressive women lawmakers.

Abortion Access Blocked
Texas disabled students vouchers

Texas Representative Works to Solve Maternal Mortality

August 1, 2017

For Texas Rep. Shawn Thierry addressing the state's maternal death crisis is a personal issue – she nearly died while giving birth to her daughter. 


Here Are All the Awful Bills Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Passed in a Week

July 28, 2017
Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, at Governor Abbott’s behest, orchestrated a cruel act of political theater with very real and devastating consequences on Texans’ lives.
Dan Patrick

Perry blames Texas maternal mortality on Black women

July 24, 2017

In a public hearing, State Sen. Charles Perry put the blame on Black women for Texas' maternal mortality crisis. Black women in Texas face the greatest risk of dying after childbirth — a rate nearly three times higher than that of white women.