Would You Rather: Ted Cruz or Donald Trump

There's no winner in this choice.

Who would you rather have run the country: Ted Cruz or Donald Trump?

That's one of the questions before GOP primary voters heading into next week's debate. And sadly, the answer may be: it doesn't really matter.


Ever since Donald Trump burst onto the presidential candidate scene with his obscene remarks about immigration...

TRUMP: They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.

...most in the Republican party have been quick to denounce him.

But not Ted Cruz.

In yet another example of why Ted Cruz has a Latino problem, it seems Cruz may be positioning himself for Trump's leftovers, an analysis shared by people inside and outside of Washington:

Indeed, Cruz has lined himself right up next to Trump - trying everything he can to support him:

"He’s bold and brash, and he’s willing to speak the truth. And he’s taking on the Washington cartel," Cruz said.

He added that Trump's focus on illegal immigration and sanctuary cities has captured the attention of many Americans and set him apart from other candidates.

"I appreciate Donald focusing on illegal immigration," Cruz said. "I've been proud to defend him for focusing on illegal immigration."

In the weeks since Cruz saddled up next to Trump, the two have met privately at least once. Why they met is a natural cause for speculation, but the public posturing leaves little to the imagination:

There is no low Ted Cruz will not sink to in order to secure power.

So if the choice is Ted Cruz or Donald Trump? I would rather abstain, thanks.