Ted Cruz Creates Worst Congress Ever

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has created the worst Congress in U.S. history, and the Republican-led U.S. House he whips can't pass a jobs bill or an immigration bill - the most important issues to midterm voters. And because of Ted Cruz, the U.S. House is preparing to pass a border bill that will do nothing and may only make things worse.

It boggles the mind why Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, and the entire Republican Party of Texas are chasing Ted Cruz's coattails, at a time when many other Republicans recognize him for being so toxic:

Last fall, Cruz lied about the economy to justify shutting down the government, all for his selfish and dangerous politics. Now, Cruz is lying about the border crisis to justify shutting down any bill that would do anything except allow him to demagogue about immigration.

Cruz's bizarre hysteria has created historic disapproval in Congress - and according to the Pew Research Center, the public blames Republicans for the mess:

The survey finds that the public continues to hold Congress in extremely low regard. Just 28% of Americans view Congress favorably and a record-high 55% say the current Congress has accomplished less than usual. By a wide margin (44% to 28%), those who say Congress has accomplished less than usual blame Republican leaders rather than Democratic leaders for this.

Ted Cruz created the worst Congress in U.S. history - and just like with the government shutdown and the economy, it's all happening while he's lying about one of the most important issues voters care about.

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