Tea Party Congressman Canseco For the War, Against Our Troops

In 2011, Texas Tea Party Congressman Quico Canseco voted against withdrawing troops in Afghanistan, then turned around and voted against a $100 combat pay increase for American soldiers "under hostile fire" or "in imminent danger."

Congressman Canseco was for the war, but against our troops. We at Progress Texas will always support the path to peace, but when the government sends Americans to war, we support the men and women who put themselves in harms way. We must take care of them abroad and when they come home. When we aren't in an election year, Canseco appears to disagree.


hen it comes to national security and supporting our troops, Tea Party Congressman Quico Canseco doesn't have a clue. We're doing our best to get the word out and educate voters about these issues and matters of public record. It's up to us to stop this Tea Party nonsense, and it will only happen if we make the truth and our voices heard.

We need your help encourage Texans to make their voice heard and vote this November or during early vote. In 2010, Texas was rank 50th in voter turnout. That is bad for Texas and bad for democracy. Help engage other Texans and make elected officials like Canseco accountable for their decisions.