STATEMENT: In Paxton Deal, The Joke’s on Texas

Texas Attorney General Escapes Securities Fraud Trial

Yet Another Display of Separate Justice Systems

When Will Paxton Face Consequences?

TEXAS – Prosecutors laughed at reporters asking what Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton will learn in his legal ethics training, part of their ridiculous pretrial intervention agreement that means our “top cop” is free from his near decade-long securities fraud charges, which held a maximum penalty of 99 years in jail.

In the Paxton deal, the joke is on Texas. Paxton must pay about $300,000 (perhaps for another kitchen remodel), and perform 100 hours of community service. The trial, just weeks away, is now canceled and he can continue with his duties and vendettas as normal.

“Since Paxton will be looking for volunteer opportunities, we recommend he spend his time in the public schools he’s suing for encouraging voting, in hospitals targeted for practicing lifesaving reproductive healthcare, or even in the courts to see what justice looks like for everyday Texans,” said Tatum Owens, Advocacy Fellow at Progress Texas.

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