STATEMENT: No Justice in Paxton Verdict

Ken Paxton Impeachment Trial
Top Cop's Corruption OK'd by Republican Senators

TEXAS – There’s no accountability in the Texas Senate today.

For years, Attorney General Ken Paxton has betrayed his oath of office and the public trust. He’s made a mockery of the office and even his own impeachment trial, not bothering to show up.

House managers delivered days of testimony from Republican whistleblowers and detailed evidence that Paxton should be impeached for his corruption including abuse of office, bribery, dereliction of duty, and obstruction of justice.

“Republican state senators voted on party lines and refused to hold one of their own accountable. Unprincipled birds of a feather flock together,” said Kathleen Thompson, executive director at Progress Texas. “There’s no justice in the acquittal, and we await the results of the federal whistleblower investigation, standing with all Texans who believe no one is above the law.”