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As PRIDE grows, tragedy strikes Portland, Texas

June 22nd was a day of celebration for millions of LGBT people and LGBT advocates celebrating Pride Day across the country. However, while millions celebrated a tragedy struck Portland, Texas. 

Many details are still unknown, but on June 22nd a teenage lesbian couple in Portland were attacked and both shot in the head and left to die. One of the victims, Mollie Judith Olgin, 19, died, while her partner, Christine Chapa, 18, survived and is in critical condition.

Cleve Jones, a protege of Harvey Milk and gay rights activist had this to say of the shooting:

“Last Friday, as millions of LGBT people and their allies were celebrating Pride, something awful happened in Portland, Texas. We need to respond publicly to this tragedy," he wrote. "Whoever shot Mary Christine Chapa and Mollie Judith Olgin, whatever the motive, regardless of where it happened, two beautiful girls were shot and one was killed. We need to honor the memory of Mollie and pray for the recovery of Mary."

Though the LGBT community has made significant advancements here in Texas, this shooting, if found to be another terrible hate-crime, is another reminder of just how far we have left to go.