Listen Senators, SB 537 Will Not End Abortion in Texas... It Will Just Make Abortions Unsafe

Senate Bill 537 is officially stalled in the Senate - one vote short of the super majority needed to bring it to the floor.

SB 537, filed by State Senator Bob Deuell (R), is a thinly veiled attempt to close more than than three-fourths of the abortion clinics in Texas (37 of 42) by subjecting them to unnecessary and burdensome regulations.

For SB 537 to have any chance to move forward, conservatives will most likely need the support of Carlos Uresti (D- San Antonio) or Judith Zaffrini (D - Laredo) - both of whom currently oppose the bill but have sided with Republicans on reproductive issues in the past.

My San Antonio reports:

Zaffirini said she is “strongly pro-life” but opposes this bill because it “does nothing to make abortions less necessary” and “has the potential to limit access to critical health care services for thousands of Texas women.”

“Instead of attempting to address problems that do not exist, the Texas Legislature should focus on making women's health care and prenatal care more accessible and affordable,” she said.

Uresti, who voted against the measure in committee, said it would reduce health care services, including abortion, for women in his district, specifically in rural areas.

“I don't want to create barriers for women to access health services,” said Uresti, noting that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists opposes the bill.

Sen. Zaffrini is absolutely right. The bill fails to provide ways to combat the unintended pregnancies and make abortions less necessary. Focus should be be placed on strengthening sexual educations for minors and expanding access to preventative measures instead of making abortions more difficult to obtain - which is already difficult for many in rural areas.

Lets hope SB 537 continues to stay stalled in the Senate.