John Oliver Tackles Transgender Issues on Last Week Tonight

A few weeks ago on Last Week Tonight, a few days after the historic Marriage Equality ruling, John Oliver departed from celebrating the ruling like others and instead sent a powerful message about the state of Transgender rights in America.

Rather than talking about the long hard-fought battle for marriage rights, or the lack of non-discrimination ordinances across the country; John Oliver discussed the semi-taboo topic of the problems affecting the transgender community: ranging from discrimination at the DMV to school boards reversing local school policies that help include transgender youth. It’s a long video, but absolutely powerful.

We’ve come so far with our support of the Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual community, but our understanding of the T in LGBT is severely lacking. 30% of Americans don’t know what the word transgender means or have never heard of it, and almost 90% hadn’t met a transgender person. Let’s challenge ourselves to change that.