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Greg Abbott's (Not So) Greatest Hits - Volume 2

A year ago, we released Volume 1 of Greg Abbott's (Not So) Greatest Hits. From not believing in science to failing to pursue a massive child sex abuse scandal, we thought Greg Abbott had hit rock bottom.

Little did we know how low he could go.

Here's a look back at the ten worst things Abbott has said or done over the last year.

  1. Abbott Promotes "Abortion Barbie" and Other Disgusting Comments

    First Abbott thanks a person who called Sen. Davis "abortion Barbie," then his supporters are funding posters that say the same. Oh - and that time he called the border a "Third World" country. It's a matter of when, not if, Abbott and his supporters say something else so insulting and disgusting about Wendy Davis and the people of Texas.

  2. Abbott Opposes 734,000 Texans Signing Up for Health Care

    100,000 more signed up than originally projected. Imagine how many Texans would have health coverage if Greg Abbott, Ted Cruz, and Rick Perry weren't fighting to take away health insurance for Texans.

  3. More Teachers Leave Texas Schools Than Are Hired

    For the first time in Texas' history, more teachers left Texas' schools in 2011-2012 than were hired. Maybe this is why Greg Abbott refuses to answer questions about Texas's public schools.

    Greg Abbott - Education Cuts

  4. Abbott Protects His Payday Lenders’ Payday

    Abbott has taken $250,000 from the payday lending industry. Why so generous? Because Abbott issued a legal opinion exposing a loophole clearing the way for predatory lenders to operate without limits on interest rates - letting them charge rates in excess of 500%. As a result, the number of predatory lending stores has tripled from 1,279 to more than 3,500!

    Loan Shark

  5. Abbott Ruling Allows GOP to Deny Gay Conservatives

    Greg Abbott opposes the freedom to marry, and his party's platform thinks you can pray the gay away. And an Abbott ruling enabled the Republican Party of Texas to deny a request by a group of gay conservatives to host a booth during the GOP state convention.

  6. Greg Abbott Wants to Test 4-Year Olds

    Greg Abbott has offered standardized testing for 4-year olds as an option in his education plan.

    Student Testing Sign

  7. Ten Facts About #Briberygate and the Cancer Research Center Scandal

    Taxpayer money for cancer research was funneled to Abbott and Perry campaign donors. Abbott was appointed watchdog for the cancer research center…then skipped every meeting. Corruption much?

  8. Greg Abbott is Campaigning With a Sexual Predator

    Ted Nugent. Gross.

  9. Greg Abbott Tells Residents of Neighborhood Chemical Facilities to "Just Drive Around"

    In the wake of the chemical explosion that killed 15 people in West, TX, Greg Abbott did the unthinkable and wrote several opinions allowing state agencies to withhold public records of the locations where dangerous chemicals are stored. It's no surprise, then, that Abbott’s political campaigns have taken in more than $125,000 from businesses - including $75,000 from Koch brother interests - that stand to benefit from keeping this information secret.

    Greg Abbott - Chemical Road Trip

  10. Greg Abbott Pays Women $5,815 Less Than Men

    We finally know why he'd veto the Equal Pay Act: Greg Abbott pays women less than men in his AG's office, even those who have the same - if not more - experience.