Federal District Court Judge - Parts of Texas Abortion Law Unconstitutional

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A federal district court in Austin has issued a full injunction on the portion of the HB 2 law regarding hospital admitting privileges, and a partial injunction for the abortion-medication provisions. The news just broke on Twitter:

As you should recall, Planned Parenthood was challenging two of the four provisions of House Bill 2: the doctor admitting privlieges, and the restrictions on what kind of medication can be used for an abortion, better known as the RU-486 provision.  Today's ruling now means that the admitting privilege provision has been ruled unconstitutional in Alabama, Mississippi, Wisconsin, and Kansas. The medical abortion provision, which was partially enjoined in instances when the life and safety of the mother is at risk, has had similar rulings in Idaho, Ohio, and Oklahoma.

From our blog post last week:

The case is Planned Parenthood v. Abbott, and is in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas. District Judge Lee Yeakel is currently presiding over the case. Unless Judge Yeakel blocks the law from going into effect it is estimated that a third of all health centers that currently offer abortion care in Texas will be forced to stop providing abortions, and the health of millions of Texas women will suffer. 

We will have more as the story develops, but for now here is the text of the court ruling:

Federal District Court Judge - Texas Abortion Law is Unconstitutional


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