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Everything You Want to Know About Marijuana Regulation

Key point: Browse this amazing summary of everything you could want to know about marijuana regulation.

All of us at Progress Texas want Texas to strongly consider regulating marijuana, and have already come out in favor of medical marijuana for Texas.

There is a great uneasiness among many in the progressive community about marijuana legislation. One thing we've found, after extensive research, is most of the attitudes about marijuana are based on perceptions, stereotypes, and information not grounded in reality.

To help with the learning process, we have written two long-form posts about marijuana regulation: Decriminalization 101 and Medical Marijuana 101. We hope you read those posts to learn more about the subject, and how both decriminalization and medical marijuana could impact Texas.

In the meantime, our fellow policy nerds at Vox have done us one better and laid out 20 very useful, specific, and brief summaries about marijauana regulation.

We encourage you to browse the whole list, or jump straight ot a question below:

  1. What is marijuana legalization?
  2. What is marijuana?
  3. What is marijuana decriminalization?
  4. What is medical marijuana?
  5. Where is marijuana legal?
  6. Wait, marijuana is legal in North Korea?
  7. Which states are working to legalize marijuana next?
  8. What's the case for marijuana legalization?
  9. What's the case against marijuana legalization?
  10. How is popular opinion changing on marijuana legalization?
  11. How many people get arrested for marijuana-related offenses?
  12. What are the health effects of marijuana use?
  13. How does the federal government deal with legal marijuana?
  14. What is President Barack Obama’s stance on marijuana legalization?
  15. How do states regulate legal marijuana?
  16. Is marijuana a gateway drug?
  17. Does marijuana legalization lead to more marijuana use?
  18. How much tax revenue would come from marijuana legalization?
  19. What’s happened in Colorado since the state legalized marijuana?
  20. How do you know if someone is drugged driving?