BREAKING: 3 Anti-Abortion Bills Set for Senate Hearing Wednesday

Four ways you can take action.

We need you to take action to stop three anti-abortion bills moving through the State Capitol this week. On Wednesday, the Texas Senate Health & Human Services Committee will hold a public hearing on proposed laws that threaten to stand in the way of women and the health care they need.

SB 8, SB 258, and SB 415 do nothing to make women safer, and if passed, would only harm and shame Texas women. We must stop politicians who want to put abortion completely out of reach from passing more laws that stand in the way of women and the care they need. This session alone anti-abortion lawmakers have proposed nearly 20 anti-abortion bills. A woman seeking abortion in Texas already faces a mountain of barriers imposed by state law.

Here are four ways you can take action to tell these politicians to stop playing politics with reproductive health care, interfering in decisions that don’t belong to them, and shaming and harming Texas women:

  1. Show up to register and/or testify against these bills. We need to make our voices heard loud and clear on the day of the hearing. Click here to RSVP for the hearing.

  2. Call Senate Health & Human Services Committee members to tell them you oppose these bills.

    Anti-Abortion Bills Call Texas Senate

  3. Send them a message. Click here to send these politicians an email.

  4. Spread the word. Share this blog and these actions with your friends and family. Follow the hearing using #FightBackTX on Facebook and Twitter.