Abbott Appeals Marriage Ban, Refuses Petitions

Greg Abbott is proving—once again—just how out of touch and wrong for Texas he is. Yesterday, Attorney General Greg Abbott both refused to accept over 5,000 Equality Texas petitions asking him to respect every Texan’s freedom to marry and appealed the ruling that struck down as unconstitutional Texas’ law banning same-sex marriage. In his profoundly discriminatory and decidedly erroneous brief, Abbott writes:

“…the legal institution of marriage exist primarily to encourage the orderly propagation of the human race by channeling naturally procreative heterosexual activity into stable, responsible relationships…Opposite-sex relationships have the potential to produce unique externalities that do not result from same-sex relationships, which makes the regulation of opposite-sex relationships eminently rational. As compared to relative stability of a marriage, sexual activity among opposite-sex couples who are not engaged in stable relationships is more likely to result in costs that must be borne by society.”

On the very same day Abbott filed his Fifth Circuit appeal defending Texas’ unconstitutional ban on marriage and turned away a family delivering the petition signatures, the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit overturned Virginia’s marriage ban and the North Carolina Attorney General announced he would not defend his state’s ban.

By enforcing this discriminatory law in Texas, Greg Abbott is single-handedly preventing loving Texas couples and families from forging secure futures together.

Sign our petition and tell Greg Abbott to get out of the way of progress—the freedom for every Texan to marry the person they love.