61% of Texans Support Decriminalizing Marijuana

Is Texas ready to go green?

Recently, Texas Governor Rick Perry made news for coming out in support of decriminalizing marijuana. Today, the Dallas Morning News published an excerpt from an ed board interview quoting Wendy Davis as open to decriminalization and in favor of medical marijuana.

Turns out, their positions are in line with where most Texans are on the issue. From a poll conducted by Public Policy Polling from Sept. 27-29, here's the support for various levels of support for marijuana policies:

  • Medicinal marijuana - 58% support, 31% oppose, 11% unsure
  • Decriminalization - 61% support, 30% oppose, 9% unsure
  • Regulation (legalize) - 58% strongly/somewhat support, 38% strongly/somewhat oppose, 3% not sure