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CNN: Trump's Campaign Shakeup

August 19, 2016
Trump's numbers look bad in the polls. All of them. Our executive director Ed Espinoza gives his take on the recent developments in the presidential race. Will Trump's change in staff help? Probably not. Can he follow through on his promises? Definitely not.

FOX 7 Debates: Cruz vs Perry for US Senate

August 18, 2016
Our Deputy Director Phillip Martin discusses a new poll finding Rick Perry could beat out Ted Cruz in a showdown for US Senate – a lose-lose situation of course.

FOX 7 Debates: Is the presidential election essentially over?

August 17, 2016
With just a little over 80 days before the presidential election, recent poll numbers show Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump in every battleground state. Our deputy director Phillip Martin discusses.

Under Trump's Debt Default Plan, Texas Home Prices Could Plummet and 266,000 Jobs Could Be Lost

August 17, 2016
Donald Trump Finally Talked About Policy. It really, really didn't go well.
Donald Trump's Economic Apocalypse

Fox 7 Debates: Texas polling in the presidential race

August 16, 2016
Last week was a bad one for Donald Trump, not so for his opponent, Hillary Clinton. She continues to lead in national polls and is even extending it in battleground states.

CNN International: Latest from the Presidential Race

August 11, 2016
Ed joins a CNN panel to give his perspective on the latest from the campaign trail.
CNN: Presidential Campaign

Point-Counterpoint: Trump sinking in polls

August 11, 2016
Ed Espinoza joins ABC's Point-Counterpoint to discuss Trump's sinking campaign.
Donald Trump's Sinking Campaign

Democrats’ positivity likely to win out over Trump ego

August 9, 2016
Whatever else might happen — and we’ve come to expect the unexpected — the themes set during the conventions will remain the focus of the campaigns.

Point-Counterpoint: Presidential race post conventions

August 3, 2016
Ed Espinoza joins ABC's Point-Counterpoint to discuss the latest from the presidential trail post-conventions.

CNN: Trump keeps proving he is not ready to lead

August 2, 2016
Ed Espinoza joined CNN to discuss the latest absurdity from the Donald Trump campaign. 

ABC: Recap of Hillary Clinton's historic night at DNC Convention

July 29, 2016
Glenn Smith joins ABC's Point-CounterPoint to recap Hillary Clinton's historic night at the DNC convention.

Letting Putin's Russia Vote in American Elections

July 27, 2016
Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and other Donald Trump supporters here are giving Russian President Vladimir Putin more power to decide our elections than voters they tried to disenfranchise with Voter ID.
Donald Trump Loves Russia

FOX 7 Debates: Trump & Putin's Cozy Relationship

July 27, 2016
Donald Trump says he hopes Russian hacks Hillary Clinton’s email, essentially advocating for foreign cyber espionage.

FOX 7 Debates: Bernie's DNC Speech

July 26, 2016
It's day two of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. A lot of people are still talking about Senator Bernie Sanders' speech.

CNN Convention Coverage: Day 2

July 26, 2016
Ed Espinoza joins CNN live from Philadephia to talk about the DNC Convention.

FOX 7 Debates: Unity at the DNC Convention

July 25, 2016
Discussing democratic party unity at the DNC Convention in Philadelphia. 

RNC Convention Hate Detox Remedies

July 22, 2016
After four days of dystopian hateful speeches, our minds need a detox. Here are 10 things to make you restore faith in humanity.

Up Next, the Democratic Convention

July 22, 2016
In somewhat of a role reversal, expect the Democratic convention to be well-organized and well-managed, in contrast to the chaotic GOP gathering.
DNC unity