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@Phillip Martin
February 17, 2016
Texas has accumulated almost 19 years of judicial vacancies.
With 11 Judicial Vacancies, Texas Has Most Open Court Seats in Country
January 27, 2016
The science is in. Medical cannabis can provide relief for a variety of diseases.
Jose Menendez Interview on Medical Marijuana
January 19, 2016
The court's ruling will determine the fate and future of five million undocumented immigrants,
SCOTUS Will Take Up Obama's Actions to Keep Immigrant Families Together
December 15, 2015
All of the issues you care about - immigration, health care, rights of same-sex couples - languish in court.
John Cornyn and Ted Cruz Delay Justice
November 2, 2015
Will the state be allowed to continue using maps that discriminate against Texas' growing minority population?
Will Texas Get New Redistricting Maps for 2016?
October 20, 2015
Track how an issue or candidate performs over time and easily look up polls by topic or pollster.
Four New Polls Added to Texas Polling Center