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Samantha Bee CPC Texas

Samantha Bee Takes Down Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Fake Clinics That Are All Over Texas

On Wednesday, Full Frontal With Samantha Bee featured a segment highlighting the deceptive tactics used by so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs) — anti-abortion, fake medical clinics —  to obstruct women from accessing abortion care. Bee explains how these fake clinics use taxpayer dollars to deceive women.

And — as you might’ve guessed — Texas is no exception. While state lawmakers have slashed funding for legitimate family planning and reproductive healthcare providers, they have increased funding for these dangerously deceptive, unregulated, and unlicensed anti-abortion centers, allowing CPCs to proliferate throughout our state.

CPCs give the illusion of providing reproductive health services but do little besides deceiving and shaming women. As Patton Oswalt says, "[crisis pregnancy centers] are educators the same way that Darth Vader was a good fu@$!&% father!"

A 2014 in-depth investigation by NARAL Pro-Choice Texas found that Texas CPCs are no different.  What’s worse, these CPCs receive millions in state taxpayer dollars.  In the last legislative session, lawmakers doubled taxpayer funding for CPCs to a whopping $9 million per year.

Far from helping people make informed decisions about their pregnancy, crisis pregnancy centers coerce them into giving birth, and fail to provide meaningful support for them after the baby is born.