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Terry Meza Rodney Anderson Texas

Dallas County: State House District 105 - Democrat Terry Meza v. Republican Rodney Anderson

The Texas House race between progressive Democrat Terry Meza and Donald Trump supporter, Tea Party incumbent Rodney Anderson is one of the most competitive in the state. And our values are on the line.

Trump isn’t the only unsavory character Anderson has buddied up to, Rodney Anderson has spent his time in the state legislature working for powerful special interests instead of the hardworking families in Grand Praire and Irving he was elected to represented.

Anderson is running on a bigly failed record:

  • Failed to fund quality education for Texas children, gutting $5.4 billion from public schools

  • Failed to defend military and working families from predatory payday lenders, voting to help charge up to 300% in interest and fees on loans in exchange for campaign cash

  • Failed to ensure Texas women are paid fairly, voting down equal pay for equal work study

  • Failed to protect victims of sexual assault, voting against funding for the rape kit backlog in Texas

  • Failed to protect a woman’s right to access abortion care, inserting himself in decisions that should be between a woman and her doctor.

Terry Meza, a 4th generation resident of her district, has spent her entire career as a tireless advocate for her community. Meza’s record of community service reflects her commitment the values and diversity her district. She will fight to “knock down the barriers to opportunity that stand in the way of working families living the American Dream.”

  • Fight to give every Texas kid a quality education

  • Fight to guarantee Texas women equal pay for equal work

  • Fight to promote fair wages and invest in paid sick leave

  • Fight to expand access to affordable health care

  • Fight to protect hardworking families from the predatory practices of payday lenders

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