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Progress Texas Requests State Auditor to Investigate Indicted AG Ken Paxton

Attorney General Caught Paying Former Employees, Progress Texas Asks Auditor to Investigate

Last week, Progress Texas submitted a letter to the Texas State Auditor’s office requesting an investigation into Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s potential misuse of state funds and abuse of office. The request focuses on whether Paxton violated state law by using taxpayer dollars to pay salaries and benefits of at least two employees after they resigned.

Though progressive paid leave policies — the kind that most hardworking Texans unfortunately don’t have the benefit of enjoying — are great, the facts at issue warrant an investigation into whether Paxton gave these former state employees 64 days of paid, post-resignation leave in violation of state law.

Why would Paxton dole out thousands in taxpayer dollars to employees who no longer worked for the state? Dallas Morning News reporting showed Paxton’s justifications for these payments changed at least three times.

One of the employees, Chip Roy, was paid by Paxton while he was serving – in an unpaid capacity – as Executive Director of Trusted Leadership PAC, a super PAC supporting the presidential campaign of Ted Cruz.

We asked for the investigation because no elected official should be able to abuse or misuse taxpayer dollars, especially to advance the work of a political campaign.

The Dallas Morning News story on our request notes:

The group’s request for an investigation joins a growing list of legal troubles for the first-term attorney general. Paxton is also facing three felony indictments and a federal lawsuit – both alleging he broke securities laws – and a state bar complaint.