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What Rick Perry Forgot to Say

Progress Texas responds to Governor Rick Perry's 7th State of the State Address
January 29, 2013

(Texas) – Progress Texas Executive Director, Matt Glazer, released the following statement in response to Governor Rick Perry’s 7th State of the State address:

“Rick Perry forgot to say that to create jobs and secure a strong economy, we must invest in the future of Texas. Rick Perry's budget hurts Texas’ opportunities for job creation because it relies so heavily on cutting the vital services that help build a strong economy, limiting the potential for innovation and small business creation.

“Rick Perry forgot to say that we haven’t even paid our bills from the last session.

"Rick Perry forgot to say why we should bother with more tax cuts when we haven't fixed the problems from the last ones.

"Rick Perry forgot that no one wants him to run for President again, which means he should stop talking about national issues and start focusing on the problems right here at home.

"Rick Perry forgot that, after more than two decades in office, Texas has changed - even if his priorities haven't. 

"Rick Perry forgot that he is not responsible for the natural treasures and talents of Texas and her people.

“Most importantly, Rick Perry forgot to say that after 12 years failing as Governor, he's going to retire. Now that would be a State of the State worth listening to."