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Greg Abbott to Receive Award from Religious Leader Who Called President Obama “Anti-Christian” and Mayor Parker a “Sodomite”

Progress Texas joins Texas Freedom Network in calling on Abbott to decline award
March 18, 2013

(HOUSTON – On Friday, March 22nd, the Executive Director of the Houston Area Pastor Council and the Texas Pastor Council, Dave Welch, will award Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott a special award at the organization’s fundraiser. In recent years, Welch has consistently issued controversial statements about faith and religion, insisting that Muslims should not be elected to office and that President Obama is an “enemy” to America.

Progress Texas applauds the leadership of Texas Freedom Network and joins them in calling on Abbott to decline the award.

“Greg Abbott should refuse to receive an award from a bigot,” said Matt Glazer, Executive Director of Progress Texas.

Texas Freedom Network has collected some of Welch’s most disturbing comments, which include:

  • Welch called President Obama “anti-Christian” and suggested that pastors who recognize the President’s Christian faith are “much like the clergy of Hiterlian Germany”
  • Welch calls gay people a “morally depraved special interest group” and has called Houston’s twice-elected, openly gay mayor, Annise Parker, a “sodomite”
  • Welch praised conservative Tim LaHaye – who believes Roman Catholicism a “false religion” – as “one of the greatest pastors of all time”
  • Welch opposes Muslims seeking leadership positions in government because he has “deep concerns about the loyalty of Muslims to the Constitution”