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Bipartisan Poll: Texas Voters Oppose Abortion Legislation

June 21, 2013

DATE: June 21, 2013
CONTACT: Ed Espinoza,

Bipartisan Poll: Texas Voters Oppose Abortion Legislation

(TEXAS) – Texans disapprove of the legislature taking up abortion bills during the special session by 80%, according to a bipartisan poll conducted from June 17-19, 2013. In addition, 63% of Texas voters think the state has enough abortion restrictions, and 71% say the legislature should be focusing on the economy and jobs.

Overall, only 34% say they trust the Governor and the legislature to make decisions about women’s health.

This overwhelming opposition proves that Gov. Perry and the legislature are out of touch and out of control,” said Katrina Mendiola, Executive Director of Engage Texas, a non-partisan organization aimed at increasing civic engagement.

This comes during a week of heated debate over abortion legislation in Texas, including an all-night "citizen filibuster" where more than 700 people camped out to testify against the proposed legislation.

Beyond the timing of the legislation, the poll also shows a changing landscape in Texas, as 74% of registered voters say that personal, private medical decisions about whether to have an abortion should be made by a woman, her family, and her doctor - not by politicians. And the support is wide across the spectrum: 76% of independents and 61% of Republicans agreed.

The survey was conducted June 17-19 among 601 registered voters in Texas. A briefing memo on the poll is below.

Texas Voters Oppose Abortion Legislation