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Earth Day 2021 brings renewed sense of urgency

April 21, 2021
February’s winter storm showed us the devastating impact of climate change while millions lost power, heat, and water for days.

Medical marijuana bill advances out of Texas House committee

April 20, 2021
Expanding Texas Compassionate Use is progress lawmakers should focus on in addition to decriminalization and legalization.

Biden to Republicans: Stop kicking the can down the road on Medicaid

April 16, 2021
Latest poll shows Texans support Medicaid expansion by big margins.

Republican Briscoe Cain is in over his head

April 15, 2021
The third-term Republican is redefining incompetence as chair of the House Elections Committee.

3 police reform bills to watch for at the Texas Legislature

April 14, 2021
Intervention is necessary to regulate what police officers can and cannot do in the name of the law.

Major brands send a message: Voter suppression is bad for business

April 6, 2021
Dangerous elections bills could have major consequences for voting rights - and our economy.

10 Texas bills that champion LGBTQIA+ rights

March 31, 2021
These ten bills written by LGBTQIA+ rights champions in the Legislature would provide long overdue protections for queer Texans.

Discriminatory bills in Texas would deny rights to trans kids

March 30, 2021
Texas Republicans are pushing for bathroom bill 2.0 with transphobic legislation targeting transgender youth in our state.

3 positive changes to keep as we come out of the pandemic

March 25, 2021
We have the opportunity to redefine what “going back to normal” means in Texas.

Texas Republicans have launched an all-out attack on our voting rights

March 18, 2021
Recently filed bills would make it harder for Texans to access the ballot box.