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The Texas Republican Party is at war with itself

June 14, 2021
From the Capitol to the campaign trail, the Texas GOP is in total disarray.

The Texas Legislature hits the dimmer switch on real electric grid reform

June 10, 2021
Republican legislators fell way short of protecting the state against future blackouts.

4 ways you can continue to support abortion access in Texas

June 8, 2021
Gov. Abbot’s six-week abortion ban will be challenged in court, and abortion is still legal in Texas.

Juneteenth celebrations across Texas in 2021

June 8, 2021
Juneteenth events are a celebration of Black history and a reminder of the progress still to be made for racial justice.

Pride celebrations across Texas in 2021

June 3, 2021
Pride is back, y’all! Here’s how you can (safely) celebrate Pride Month in Texas this year.

10 Best & Worst Moments of the 2021 Texas Legislative Session

May 31, 2021
The session was terrible, but resilient progressives ducked the attacks and finished with a big win.

Progress Texas files ethics complaint against Heritage Action for involvement in voter suppression bills

May 26, 2021
Anti-voter bills like SB7 and HB6 are part of a coordinated, national voter suppression effort.

Texas still needs police reform one year after George Floyd’s death

May 25, 2021
Criminal justice reforms have been weakened or stalled in committee, and partisanship has prevented any from bearing Floyd’s name.

Dark money group admits it had a hand in Texas voter suppression bills

May 20, 2021
Recent leaked video exposes coordinated, national effort to restrict voting rights.

Texas Republicans turn on each other, Democrats stand united

May 20, 2021
Primary challenges to Gov. Abbott and Attorney General Paxton prove that Texans aren't happy with Republican leadership.