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Alerta de Respaldo Político: Ruben Cortez es el luchador que el Valle se merece en el Senado estatal

February 6, 2020
Mientras tanto, el "demócrata" Eddie Lucio Jr. se pone del lado del gobernador republicano Greg Abbott y Donald Trump en un tema tras otro.

It’s going to take all of us to protect our vote

February 6, 2020
Sign up to be a nonpartisan Texas Poll Monitor today!

Cornyn once again proves he will do anything to please Trump

February 5, 2020
With his votes against conviction on Wednesday, Senator John Cornyn once again pledged his undying loyalty to the impeached president.

Texas’ dangerous anti-abortion ordinances are misleading and unconstitutional

February 4, 2020
Abortion advocates and community leaders are fighting back against these local ordinances and demonstrating our collective power.

Endorsement Alert: Chrysta Castañeda is the logical choice in the Democratic primary for Texas Railroad Commission

January 30, 2020
First things first, this office has nothing to do with railroads and everything to do with environmental regulation of the oil and gas industry.

Endorsement Alert: Jessica Cisneros represents a new generation of leaders that are much needed in Texas and in Congress

January 29, 2020
Meanwhile “Democratic” incumbent Henry Cuellar’s positions would give him a passing grade on any Republican scorecard.

Austin got it right. Texas’ outdated conversion therapy laws need to go.

January 28, 2020
All Texas cities should follow Austin’s lead by refusing to allow resources to be used on this outdated, dangerous practice.

In Austin, Project Connect brings real alternatives to an insane car culture

January 27, 2020
We can’t road-build our way out of our traffic woes. End of story.

The Double Standard of Being Young: Should we dismiss mistakes or learn from them?

January 24, 2020
When we downplay the severity of actions and chastise concern on the basis of being young, your destiny is to repeat history.