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Schoolhouse blues: The pandemic and public education

July 11, 2020
Texas needs to commit to the importance of public education while keeping teachers, students, and workers safe.
Public Education Texas

District Attorneys in Texas are under-prosecuting abusive cops

July 7, 2020
Last year 113 people were killed by police in Texas. Charges were only brought in two cases.

How to get a free face mask in Texas

July 7, 2020
Gov. Greg Abbott should expand free face mask programs throughout the state.
Wear A Mask Texas

Remove every barricade: Ensure Texas elections are safe, secure, & fair

June 29, 2020
We should regard our right to vote with the same reverence with which we regard our right to love or to live in the warmth and protection of the hearth.

A guide to voting in Texas during a pandemic

June 26, 2020
What Texans can do to stay safe when voting in-person and how counties can help them do it.

What the #BlackLivesMatter protests have accomplished so far in Texas

June 25, 2020
Texans are stepping up and demanding change — and getting it.

New poll shows Biden within striking distance of Trump in Texas

June 23, 2020
Texas is still the biggest battleground state.
New poll shows Biden within striking distance of Trump in Texas

Texas needs poll workers for the next election. Young people can help.

June 23, 2020
We can minimize shortages and the risk to our elderly neighbors by working the polls on in the upcoming elections.

SCOTUS ruling means DACA is safe — for now

June 18, 2020
Congress must take action to protect Dreamers and other undocumented immigrants from Trump’s anti-immigrant crusade.