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7 anti-abortion bills the Texas Senate is wasting time on instead of bills to help Texans

March 18, 2021
Texas Republicans would rather waste resources on anti-abortion bills than on COVID relief or policies actually meant to help our state.

Abortion is Healthcare Act would remove decades of Texas restrictions

March 12, 2021
Seeks to rescind medically unnecessary restrictions like the 24-hour waiting period, restrictions on medicated abortion and telemedicine.

POLL: Texans split 48-48 on Gov. Abbott’s mask mandate repeal

March 10, 2021
Urban areas and Texans of color disapprove by double-digit margins.

Celebrate Women’s History Month by supporting these 5 initiatives at the Texas Legislature

March 10, 2021
From employment equity to maternal support, a host of efforts can make a big impact in reducing inequalities.

Immigration: The first sign of relief from a terrible policy

March 4, 2021
27 asylum seekers crossing the Texas/Mexico border became the first in over a year since Trump's cruel Remain in Mexico program.

Progressive advocates are pushing for common sense climate solutions at the Texas Legislature

March 2, 2021
Progressives are fighting for our planet while most Republicans refuse to acknowledge that climate change exists

Reckoning Rush

February 26, 2021
His legacy is our politically polarized media landscape.