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Despite Gov. Abbott’s lies, experts say Texas grid is not prepared for winter

December 1, 2021
Governor Abbott and Republican lawmakers are risking more lives by ignoring the grid.

Supreme Court case challenging Roe v. Wade explained

November 30, 2021
The U.S. Supreme Court is taking up one of the most consequential abortion rights cases in decades.

Texas Republicans want to erase indigenous history in our schools

November 16, 2021
November is Indigenous History Month. We break down how Texas Republicans are erasing indigenous history from schools.

Thanks to you, the Department of Justice is suing Texas over anti-voter law pushed by GOP

November 10, 2021
After hours of Texans’ testimonies given at the Capitol, United States v. Texas has finally come to fruition.

Don’t Blackout the Blackout: United States must take action on climate change

November 5, 2021
Texas cannot afford to ignore the effects of climate change.

4 lessons from the 2021 election

November 4, 2021
How will this election impact 2022?

Supreme Court oral arguments on Texas abortion ban deconstructed

November 3, 2021
Missed this week’s SCOTUS oral arguments on SB 8? Here’s our recap.

2021 Texas Statewide Election Results

November 3, 2021
Compare our endorsements to the final results from the 2021 Texas election.