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To keep the lights on in Texas, we need to change the power

May 4, 2021
An update on the Texas Legislature’s handling of our state’s energy crisis.

Voting rights, criminal justice orgs condemn bills criminalizing voter activities

May 3, 2021
29 election bills in the Texas Legislature seek to criminalize 87 voting activities, many with felonies.

POLL: Texans oppose extreme six-week abortion ban

April 29, 2021
A majority of Texans are against new abortion restrictions, overwhelmingly oppose provisions in HB 1515/SB 8.

Texas Legislature’s proposed six-week abortion ban is unconstitutional

April 28, 2021
SB8/HB1515 is in direct conflict with federal law, no matter how anti-abortion extremists try to spin it.

Abortion activists drop banners across state, demand lawmakers #StopHB1515

April 26, 2021
House Bill 1515 would ban abortion before most Texans know they’re pregnant.

Earth Day 2021 brings renewed sense of urgency

April 21, 2021
February’s winter storm showed us the devastating impact of climate change while millions lost power, heat, and water for days.

Medical marijuana bill advances out of Texas House committee

April 20, 2021
Expanding Texas Compassionate Use is progress lawmakers should focus on in addition to decriminalization and legalization.

Biden to Republicans: Stop kicking the can down the road on Medicaid

April 16, 2021
Latest poll shows Texans support Medicaid expansion by big margins.

Republican Briscoe Cain is in over his head

April 15, 2021
The third-term Republican is redefining incompetence as chair of the House Elections Committee.