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Tea Party Not Singled Out by IRS

Tea Party Not Singled Out by IRS The Tea Party is Not Exempt from Rules That Apply to Everyone
May 17, 2013

(TEXAS) - Today, the U.S. House of Representatives is conducting a hearing on the IRS scrutinizing 501(c)4s, and several times during the hearing there was correct push-back and clarification that progressive groups were scrutinized, as well. Two-thirds of those groups that received extra scrutiny from the IRS were not conservative. By point of contrast, 85% of outside spending in the 2012 election cycle was by conservative organizations (Source: Open Secrets).

The following is a statement from Progress Texas Executive Director Ed Espinoza on the matter:

Progress Texas was subject to the type of additional vetting that Tea Party groups are complaining about. We accept this vetting process and we've abided by it. We all play by the same rules, and Tea Party groups should not be exempt from the rules that apply to every other organization.

If Tea Party groups want the process to move faster, perhaps they should follow the lead of Tea Party attorney Dan Backer and advocate for more government employees to ease the strain on the process.