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Now that Perry & Dewhurst Lost Their Primaries, Texas GOP Finally Agrees to Pay Our Health Care Bills

February 21, 2013

(TEXAS) – The Texas House of Representatives passed House Bill 10 on Thursday February 21. House Bill 10 is a supplemental appropriations bill that pays outstanding bills the Texas Legislature left unpaid in 2011. Included in House Bill 10 is $4.5 billion for Medicaid, to cover such important items as children’s health care and nursing homes.

The following is a statement from Progress Texas Executive Director Matt Glazer on the passage of House Bill 10 in the Texas House:

“The only reason we didn’t pay our health care bills in 2011 was so that Perry, Dewhurst, and Texas Republicans could pretend they cut more money from the state budget than they actually did. Now that Perry and Dewhurst lost their primaries and won’t be promoted to the national stage, seniors in nursing homes and children of low-income families can finally have the services promised to them by the Legislature.

“The conservative super majority needs to start investing in the future of our state and stop investing in their political ambition. The time for gimmicks, budget tricks, and games from the Tea Party and Texas Republicans must come to an end. The state of Texas has enough revenue to fully fund services to pre-recession levels and plan for future generations. Let’s stop making policy decisions based on the Tea Party primaries and start investing in what is best for all 25 million people in Texas.

“Oh – and expand Medicaid already. If Florida and 6 other GOP Governors could work out an agreement to bring revenue, quality care, and affordable coverage to their state, surely Texas can too, unless Rick Scott is a better Governor than Rick Perry.”