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Polling Center

A Progress Texas Institute Project

Welcome to the Texas Polling Center, a searchable database of policy polls. We curate this database from publicly available polls specific to Texas and dating back to 2010.

10/08/16 to 10/16/16
A survey of 1,332 Texans finds that Clinton is only down by two points to Donald Trump with only three weeks ago.
Consumer Research International
10/07/16 to 10/15/16
Yet another poll shows a close race in Texas - suggesting Clinton has closed Trump's lead in the final weeks of the presidential campaign.
Survey Research Center
10/10/16 to 10/12/16
With less than a month until Election Day, a new Texas poll finds Hillary Clinton within the margin of error of Donald Trump in the Lone Star State.
Texas Lyceum
08/09/16 to 09/01/16
The annual Texas Lyceum poll finds that the campaign for President between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is close. Additionally, while immigration remains a top issue for Texans, the vast majority reject Trump's idea for a border wall. Check out the full poll for more figures about politics and policy here in Texas.
08/09/16 to 09/01/16
The Washington Post poll found that Clinton was up on Trump in Texas, 46%-45%. When expanded to a 4-way choice, Clinton and Trump were tied at 40%, with Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, earning 11%, and Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, earning 3%. The poll was among 5,147 registered voters, through an online survey. Unfortunately, there is no PDF of this poll to view. If you want to review the poll, please click on the following link:
Public Policy Polling (PPP)
08/12/16 to 08/14/16
Day 2 of the PPP poll runs hypothetical match-ups on the 2018 Texas Senate race, and finds that 63% of Texans - including 55% of Republicans - support President Obama filling the SCOTUS vacancy.
Public Policy Polling (PPP)
08/12/16 to 08/14/16
A poll of 944 likely Texas voters finds Hillary Clinton gaining momentum on Donald Trump, now only behind by 6 points with 10% of respondents undecided.
University of Texas & Texas Tribune (UT/TT)
06/10/16 to 06/20/16
The latest poll from UT/TT measures Texans' opinions on the 2016 presidential field and impressions for Texas' major elected officials, as well as public policy opinions on issues such as transgenders' access to bathrooms, the economy, immigration, and trust and participation in government.
Leland Beatty
06/13/16 to 06/14/16
A presidential poll taken in the summer of 2016 finds that Hillary Clinton is gaining momentum in Texas, closing the gap to 7 points behind Donald Trump. Nearly 1/3 of voters say they are voting third party or are not sure who they'll vote for.
Gravis Marketing
04/27/16 to 04/29/16
A poll of Texas GOP voters find that a majority think Ken Paxton should resign. Also, horse-race numbers for local Texas courts' races.
CBS News
02/22/16 to 02/26/16
This brief GOP presidential primary poll finds that Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton are poised to win their respective primaries in Texas.
Crosswind Media & Public Relations
02/19/16 to 02/22/16
An Austin American-Statesman poll finds that Texas Republicans support Ted Cruz for President, and 74% believe President Obama should be able to name the next Supreme Court justice.