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Texas Senators Sit on Sidelines While New England Leaders Fight for Texas

February 9, 2012

**This release has been updated to clarify that Texas has 5 emergency judicial vacancies. -- 2/21/12**

It is time for Texas elected officials to fight for Texans and stop relying on hardworking New England Senators to fix our judiciary.

Senators Pat Leahy and Richard Blumenthal stood up on the Senate floor yesterday and talked about the need to fill critical judicial vacancies plaguing our country. Nearly 160 million Americans have a federal judicial vacancy where they live while 19 qualified, non-partisan candidates sit stuck in the process, unable to go to work.

Texas has 5 emergency judicial vacancies today and will have 7 open seats before the end of the year – more than any other state in the union. David Campos Guaderrama and Gregg Jeffrey Costa, nominated months ago and agreed upon by Texas Democrats and Republicans to fill judicial emergencies in the Western and Southern Districts of Texas, have had their nominations held up because of political games.

Texas judges, Costa and Guaderrama have cleared all the procedural hurdles and are simply waiting for an up or down vote by the Senate. When justice is delayed, justice is denied.

We hope our U.S. Senators, John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison, will fight for Texans and urge Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid and Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to allow an up or down vote on these non-partisan nominees. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, we need our elected Senators to fight for Texas.

Progress Texas is part of the Texans for a Fair Judiciary coalition. A diverse group of organization who have generated over 3,000 messages to Senator Cornyn and Hutchison's Washington office and hundreds of calls urging our elected officials to fight for their nominees and end the judicial emergencies in Texas. The coalition includes Equality Texas, Texas Watch, Texans for Public Justice, Texans Together, La Fe and Texas Freedom Network.

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