Stand With Texas Women: Highlights

The abortion bill is headed to the courts, and along the way you built a movement. 

Over the past month you’ve helped fuel a whirlwind of online and in-person progressive activism that Texas hasn't seen in decades. You were the talk of the nation.

Below are the highlights from the Stand With Texas Women work we did together. But remember - it doesn't end here. We've always believed in the Texas spirit and our collective ability to make this state exceptional - and like you, we're in for the long run.

As we've said before, the filibuster was just the beginning.


The Team at Progress Texas

Wendy Davis & Greg Abbott’s Media Impact

From June 18 through July 18, 2013, Senator Wendy Davis became a household name in Texas and across the nation for her courageous stand with Texas women. This period of time also included Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s announcement for Governor and the days that followed. Here is an analysis on the earned and social media presence of Senator Wendy Davis and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott over the past month. To see the footnotes for the sources in the chart below, visit here.


Summary of Texas Abortion Law + It's Tough Hurdle in Court


Stand With Texas Women July 12th Rally & March Photos


The Best Way to Prevent Abortion...


Stand With Texas Women July 1st Rally Photos


Transcript of Wendy Davis remarks at the Stand With Texas Women July 1st Rally


Wendy Davis Thank You Card


Top Ten WTF Moments of the Abortion Debate Part Two


Top Ten WTF Moments of the Abortion Debate Part One


While Everyone Argued About Abortion, 3-Year Old Madeleine Learned About Leadership and Ann Richards

Ed. note - if you're looking for how to stay involved on this topic, follow the Stand With Texas Women Facebook page and be sure to check out some of the great groups that are covering, working on, and trying to improve women's health issues in Texas: Planned ParenthoodNARAL Pro-Choice TexasAnnie's List (recruiting and electing women candidates), Lilith FundJane's Due Process (ensures legal representation for minors in Texas), Texas Freedom Network (improving sex education) and the Texas ACLU. Be sure to follow us at Progress Texas, or the great writers at Think ProgressBurnt Orange Report, and RH Reality Check, to stay up-to-date on this issue.



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