Infographic: Mixed Prospects for Texas' Uninsured

Thursday, August 23, 2012
Infographic: Mixed Prospects for Texas' Uninsured

Although Texas Republicans have not proven capable of the fair-minded assessments that give credit where credit is due, supporters of health care reform may rest confident in the knowledge that Texans have already profited from their efforts.  According to this detailed infographic (see below), courtesy of Allmand Law, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has served millions of Texans by lifting lifetime limits on health insurance and by permitting young adults to stay on their parents’ policies.  Even more Texans will benefit in the near future as small business owners take advantage of federal subsidies for employer-sponsored coverage.

That’s the good news, anyway.  If Governor Perry and members of the state legislature continue to fight the new law, Allmand’s next briefing may not offer so much encouragement.  1.5 to 2 million Texans will remain uninsured if Perry maintains his stubborn opposition to the Medicaid expansion, and underfunded women’s health programs will shut out tens of thousands.  Disabled people and children from low-income families will suffer most as Medicaid cuts hit health care providers.

Progress Texas is ready and willing to continue the fight.  We’ve already published several articles about health care reform, including an explanation of Health Insurance Exchanges and a summary of progress under the ACA.  We’ve called out Rick Perry for an unwise appointment and Republican legislators for their war on women’s health.  Most importantly, we’ve mobilized our readers to demand expanded eligibility for Medicaid and increased accountability for health insurance providers.  (Both petitions are still open.)  Provided we receive your support, we have reason to expect results: when we asked the Department of Health and Human Services to preserve cost-containment measures in Texas insurance markets, our efforts paid off.


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