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September 28, 2016
Under Cruz and Cornyn, with every occasional judge appointment comes a mountain of new vacancies.
Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump Debate
September 25, 2016
Another term for empty celebrity is empty suit, and that is exactly how Clinton should regard Trump.
Young Adult Economic Opportunity Texas
September 22, 2016
Three young adults share their stories of struggling to find jobs in Texas.
Board of Education, SBOE, Mexican-American Heritage, Textbook, Education
September 22, 2016
Chicano activists don’t want special treatment - they want equal treatment, which starts with equal exposure in schools.
Prospects for Texas school privatization schemes
September 21, 2016
Is it just a coincidence that private school funding schemes are gaining steam as a far more diverse bunch of kids are sitting in our public classrooms?
Texas Democrat Donna Howard Discusses Sensible Budget Opportunities for Texas' Future
September 21, 2016
Austin-area Democrat lays out path forward for investing in our state's future
Texas Republicans Overtime Slash Paycheck
September 20, 2016
Texas is mounting a costly lawsuit to deny more than a million Texans — and 12.5 million Americans — a long overdue raise.
Donald Trump's Education Plan Would Fire 49,000 Texas Teachers
September 20, 2016
He doesn't always talk about policy, but when he does - it's also terrible.
How to Vote in Texas, Register to Vote in Texas, and Where to Vote in Texas
September 20, 2016
Visit to learn how to register, where to vote, and get all your voting questions answered.